You are special! You have been gifted with talents and abilities, and God wants you to put them to good use. We can partner together to get it done. There are needs throughout the church and community and if you want to serve, we have a job for you.

Church Grounds

Our church is busy and the building is in use most of the week, so it gets the normal wear and tear a busy building expects to get. Our Overseer team keeps up with the building and grounds maintenance. They meet at the church most Thursdays at around 6pm to clean up and perform repairs. If you have a heart for serving in this fashion, they can always use the help. Or, if you are interested in serving with the men on the Overseers team, please contact Todd Wright.

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Cross Community provides nursery service for Sunday morning services and numerous other ministries. If you enjoy working will babies, infants and toddlers, then you may be a good fit for our nursery ministry. Please contact the church office to learn more or apply.

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Care and Connection Team

Connection Partners are individuals from our church who volunteer to become part of an effective team to help connect guests to our church–Where our guests can experience fellowship, support and the joy of service.

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Urban Zone Parent Team

Urban Zone is our kids ministry. We have leaders from many age groups that assist with our Urban Zone services, and we have a special place for parents to get involved. If you’d like to help out with Urban Zone, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact Robert Morton for more information.

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