In order for transformation to be realized, kids must be needed, valued and engaged in mentoring relationships. Their church experience must be relevant to their daily lives. We have WEDNESDAY DISCIPLESHIP PROGRAMS, THURSDAY LEADERSHIP TRAININGS and SUNDAY KIDZ CHURCH. These are all designed to reach your child right where they are.

It’s not just about information, but transformation. Not just Biblical stories, but a Biblical worldview. We strive to teach God’s truth in ways that impact a child’s choices and actions. We believe that kids are not just the church of tomorrow, but that they can be World Changers right now.

UZ Kidz Church – Sundays / 10:30am

UZ Kidz Church continues to be an environment where kids can come on Sunday morning and experience God in a way that connects specifically to their heart. Kids are exposed to all the same elements of the adult main worship service, but in a kid friendly version. The kids are free to worship God in a way that is comfortable for them. Our small group ministry allows for a large group format to feel small and for the kids to get more one on one attention.

  • Kiddie Zone Infant & Toddlers ---6 weeks – 3 years
  • Kiddie Zone Junior --- 3 years – 5 years
  • UZ Kidz Church ---K-6th Grade Boys & Girls

Kidzone Outreach – Wednesdays / 7:00pm

Kidzone Outreach is all about relational discipleship. Our classes are developed to specifically reach each individual age group of the children we minister to and are broken into age groups.

  • Kiddie Zone     Boys & Girls 6 weeks – 5 years
  • The Mix     Boys & Girls K-2nd Grade
  • HiPoint     Boys & Girls 3rd-6th Grade

UZ Internship, Student Leadership & Jr. Leadership

UZ Internship, Student Leadership & Jr. Leadership focuses on teaching, training and developing young people into leaders who will impact their world for Christ. One way this occurs is to create an environment where growth can happen. There are certain species of fish that will grow according to the size of their environment. Put them in a tiny aquarium and they remain small but if you release them into a huge natural body of water, they will grow to their intended size.   UZ Leadership consists of 5 main Core Elements: character, commitment, accountability, teamwork and responsibility. The focus is more on BEING than DOING.

  • Internship --- College (Tuesday & Thursday)
  • Student Leadership ---7th-College (Every Thursday)
  • Jr. Leadership ---4th-6th Grade (Once a Month)