Connection Team Director: Diane Judy 


Connection Partners are individuals from our church who volunteer to become part of an effective team to help connect guests to our church–where our guests can experience fellowship, support and the joy of service.

The Essential Role of Connection Partners

People are the essential ingredient to every effective ministry. We believe that relationships are the key to feeling connected and cared for at church. Our Connection Partners follow up with our new guests through phone calls and visits to pray for them and answer questions.


The Essential Role of Care Partners

A few staff pastors or a solo pastor cannot possibly stay in regular proactive contact with every church family member. By the time some needs reach the church office the opportunity to minister to the person in a timely fashion is long gone. Disappointment, hurt feelings and a conviction that the leaders of the church do not care often accompany a missed ministry opportunity. it is impossible for the pastor to stay on top of everyone’s needs or to notice that they have stopped attending regularly. Care Partners fulfill a vital role of pastoral care in the church.