Greetings church members and guests!

We have fantastic news! Cross Community is reopening its doors on May 31, 2020!

While this is indeed great news, it is not with abandon to some common sense practices, responsible safety steps and observation of local authority’s mandates and guidelines.

We will soon communicate the way we will be proceeding with our Sunday morning services, but there is one thing we are sure of. In order to adhere local authority occupancy limits, we are hosting Sunday service at two different times. Both services will be the same. We will try to be as accommodating as we can. Nothing is absolute, the situation is very fluid at this time, we are asking for patience and grace.

We are asking our members and guests to pick a preferred service time by filling out the form on this page. We will attempt to place people in their desired service time based off of your requests.

Stay tuned for additional reopening steps. We are anxious to see everyone very soon!

We need your feedback!