CCC Service Relaunch Update

Dear Cross Community Church Family,

We are looking forward to – once again – gathering for weekly Sunday morning worship, beginning on May 31, 2020.   With the social distancing guidelines still in effect, we will hold two Sunday morning services.  Having two services will assist us with adhering to social distancing guidelines and requirements.  The two services will begin at 9:00 AM and 10:30 AM.  We also ask that you come to the church no sooner than 15 mins. prior to the start time of the service.  

*Note: Please go to our website and choose your preferred service time.  This will help facilitate the size of the gatherings and assist with maintaining social distancing and foot traffic.   

Phase 1 Relaunch Please note the following important details:  

  1. We will not have nursery or children’s classes during phase 1. We will also not have Discipleship Classes (Sunday school), KidMin, Oxygen Youth or Mature Saints during this phase.    
  2. Due to the nature of our Midweek Service Classes, we will continue to have the CCC Midweek Online, and not gather in person at the church until phase 2. 
  3. Please note:  If you are sick or deal with health related issues that put you at risk, we would encourage you to stay home and watch the service online.    
  4. Social Distancing Guidelines require an approximate 6 ft. distance between those who are outside of your home or immediate family.  Therefore, we will ask that you spread out in the sanctuary and leave adequate space between your selves and those outside your immediate family.   
        • Please refrain from shaking hands or embracing; we will look forward to returning to these expressions when this health crisis is finally over. 
        • Please plan to enter and exit promptly, as to not cause issues with having too many people gather in tight spaces. 
        • There will be a foot traffic flow pattern to assist with our social distancing.  
        • Also, plan to bring your own water or coffee in a sealed container, we will not have working drinking fountains nor will we be serving coffee.         *Note: Other drinks or food are not permitted in the sanctuary.   
        • Please feel free to wear a mask, and bring hand sanitizer.  
        • Nothing will be passed (offering bags, connection folders, bulletins) therefore, we will provide a secured wooden container in the lobby to collect tithe and offerings.   We will also make information normally found in a bulletin available in some creative ways.   

    Looking forward to the 31st of May with great anticipation!

    Blessings in Christ, 

    Pastor Randy McKinney